Other than exploring the Prospective business domains, one of the major tasks of the Businessresearch team of MARS team is to work on the Investment opportunities for our clients.The BRT has explored fertile areas for investment which can provide sustained returns toour investor Clients.

Solar Power Sector

India is endowed with vast solar energy potential. About 5,000 trillion kWh per year energy is incident over India’s land area with most parts receiving 4-7 kWh per sq. m per day. Hence both technology routes for conversion of solar radiation into heat and electricity, namely, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic, can effectively be harnessed providing huge scalability for solar in India. Solar also provides the ability to generate power on a distributed basis and enables rapid capacity addition with short lead times.

The solar power sector is one of the area where in an investor can invest in megawatt solar
power generation project. The investment opportunity is capitalising the appreciabledifference between the Solar energy production cost and Consumer utilisation tariff. Theproject would generate electricity at a cost and transfer over the grid to a electricity powerconsumer at a higher selling cost. Cost of solar power is comparatively much lesser thanthe consumer price.

The project includes,

1) identifying the Geo areas for Solar Electricity generation
2) processing either purchase or lease of the geo property
3) the EPC of the project
4) Installation and Erection of the project
5) identifying the power consumer
6) arranging PPA the Power Purchase Agreement between the investor ( the power seller )and the power consumer ( the purchaser ).

Our company can support the investor, through all the aforesaid processes – in a nut shell TheTurn Key amenities of the Solar Power Project.

Our company facilitates the investor with all the required processes and procedures making iteasy as a cake walk for the investor wherein the investor is interested in investmentopportunity.

Aqua Sector

As in Solar Investment Opportunity, Water Treatment and Water purification Domain also enjoys a good scope of investment.

The opportunity lies in Mineral water bottles plants , water softening plans and desalination plants.Interested Investment clients can connect with our Marketing team for extensive understanding of the Opportunities.

* The illustrated facilities and opportunities are liable to change and the company reserves therights to change the facilities offered to Investor clients as to match the changing rules ofGovernment policies.